Warm Up Your Caches With Hangfire

Source : https://hazelcast.com
Source https://hazelcast.com/
> dotnet new webapi -f net5.0 -n WarmUpCache
> dotnet add package Hangfire --version 1.8.0-beta2> dotnet add package Hangfire.Core --version 1.8.0-beta2> dotnet add package Hangfire.AspNetCore --version 1.8.0-beta2> dotnet add package Hangfire.MemoryStorage --version 1.7.0
> dotnet add package Serilog --version 2.10.0
> dotnet add package Serilog.Sinks.Console --version 4.0.0-dev-00839
> dotnet run

Let’s see the info log on our application startup.



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